black yellow and white sprinkles mix
black yellow and white sprinkles
black yellow and white sprinkles

Bee Happy Sprinkles Mix Cupcake / Cake Decorations

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Perfect to top any cupcake or to decorate a larger cake, ice creams, smoothies, cookies and more

Lovely mix of black, yellow & white 100s & 1000s, yellow glimmer confetti (3-4mm) & glimmer pearls (4mm), white glimmer pearls (7mm)

We work hard to bring you our vast range of Marvellous Mixes sprinkles

Packaged in sealed food safe bag

We have sprinkles available for every occasion in our Store

Ingredients: Sugar, sunflower oil, wheat starch, glucose syrup, glazing agent: shellac, glazing agent-vegetable oil (coco), beeswax, colours: E153, E100, E171, E101 corn starch, potato starch, rice flour